8 Health Benefits That Will Convince You Dogs Can Eat Durians!

So, yeah! We understand that you love your puppy so much that you don`t really let them miss a delicious fruit like durian. But, can dogs eat durian fruits?

can dogs eat durian

This iconic fruit has lots of health benefits to offer, not only when it comes to human consumption, but for our canine friends as well.

Being known as the “king of fruits” in certain areas, the Durian fruit is distinct for its thorn-covered rind, big size and strong smell. This will make it interesting to see how dogs can deal with this tropical fruit.

The actual fruit isn`t toxic! Dogs are allowed to consume a Durian`s flesh without risking any allergies or other side effects.

However, it`s very important for dog owners to pay attention at their seeds. When raw, they contain a high amount of cyanide. This can be very dangerous for a dog`s health.

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Nutrient-Dense, But Moderation Is the Key

Being so rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium and iron, this tropical fruit is backed-up by all the wonderful nutrients required by your dog`s body.

This helps the little one`s immunity, increase his muscle strength, bowel movements and blood pressure, as well as enhance the generation of red blood cells.

No Cholesterol

We have great news for you! This kind of fruit is free of cholesterol. Even though it has monounsaturated fats that are considered healthy for your canine`s organism and they reduce bad levels of cholesterol, that does not mean you should give 10 durians to your dog for consumption.

As we already mentioned, the general rule is: moderation is the key!

Decreases Blood Sugar

Our fruit has a lower GI than lots of other fruits, which means it might spike levels of blood sugar somehow less.

Lowers the Risk of Cancer

It contains lots of antioxidants that might neutralize those free radicals that promote cancer. There was a test-tube research in which has been proven that Durian extract stopped a group of breast cancer cells from developing.

Fights against Infections

Durian`s rind has compounds that offer anti-yeast and antibacterial properties.

Prevents Heart-Related Illnesses

There are few compounds in this particular fruit that might aid reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (the hardening of your dog`s arteries) as well as the levels of cholesterol.

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Among the Best Natural Energy Boosters

Besides the fact that Durians contain plenty of nutrients, they also contain a fair amount of carbs (this is also the reason why this fruit should be avoided if your dog suffers of diabetes).

Due to this reason, the Durian fruit is one of the best natural energy boosters around and can instantly help your fury friend regain his energy levels (it only offers these results if your dog is healthy).

It Helps with Weight Gain

This fruit is a great choice if you want to add a few kilos on your dog`s weight.

It`s not recommended to add Durians to your canine`s diet every day, 1 average sized fruit having around 1.350 calories.

Note: The good side is that most of these particular studies have been performed on animals, so we are sure about these benefits on dogs.

Overall Conclusion

A common misconception suggests the fact that dogs are carnivores, which is completely wrong. Just like humans, our canine friends are omnivores.

This means their diet should be mainly based on meat, as this will offer the necessary amount of fat and protein for development, activity and recovery, but not only.

So, a specific portion of their diet can be based on plants. This way, a dog can also receive a fair amount of dietary fiber and carbs, which consists a complete and well balanced diet.