Can Dogs Eat Turnips? 5 FAQs That Should Clear All Doubts!

Turnips, like many other vegetables, can represent a mystery to some dog owners. That`s why we need to answer a certain question today: can dogs eat turnips?

can dogs eat turnips

If you just want to mix food a bit or simply introduce a raw diet to your furry friend, it`s vital to be aware of what your dog is allowed to eat or not.

Turnips are considered by some a versatile veggie that could very well stand alone as a snack, or could just as well be consumed with potatoes or a roast.

The minerals and vitamins of this particular vegetable might make it a wonderful food choice for human beings, but are turnips safe for canines?

This subject circles the topic of day and we`ll make our best to answer not only this question, but a few other related ones of similar interest.

What Are Turnips?

Turnips are root vegetables with a purple top and a creamy-like white color.

Although a lot of people make the mistake of grouping this rather well known European type of food with root veggies, turnips are in fact cousins of broccoli, kales or Brussels sprouts.

Turnips are available during the entire year, but they are better in spring when although they are still rather small, they are also pretty sweet. However, their best period is in the fall when they become mature and fresh.

Older turnips are also a bit larger as they have harder skin, which need peeling as it might leave your canine with a bitter taste.

These turnips will have a rather stronger taste than the younger vegetables, but still, they are wonderful if mashed and added to stews or soups.

Can Dogs Eat Turnips?

Not only that canines are allowed to eat turnips, but it`s actually recommended to give them to your dog.

They are very healthy for our furry companions as they are full of vitamins B6 and C, as well as magnesium or folic acid, which we all know just how many health benefits they can bring.

Turnips can represent a wonderful treat for your canine. They can be served raw, dehydrated, mashed or baked.

These vegetables aren`t just great for your canine`s metabolism, but they also offer a lot of support for their nervous system.

Moreover, canines that experience kidney disease will find this type of food quite beneficial for their kidney function.

Note: Canines with thyroid problems will need to avoid these veggies as they could suppress their thyroid functioning.

What Nutritional Values Do Turnips Bring?

Similar to lots of other cruciferous veggies, turnips offer lots of nutrients and, best of all, they don`t contain too many calories.

Not only the plant itself is nutritious and tasty, but also its leafy greens. However, we`ll try to maintain our focus in the root`s benefits today.

Nutrients for each serving:

  • 34 calories
  • 2 g fiber
  • 0.1 g fat
  • 1 g proteins
  • 4 g sugar
  • 7 g carbohydrates
  • 0 g cholesterol

What minerals and vitamins does this vegetable contain?

  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Folate
  • Phosphorus

Note: Turnip leafy greens will load up your canine companion with lots of vitamins A or C. A single cup of this raw vegetable`s greens contains 6,373 IU of vitamin A as well as 33 mg of vitamin C.

Raw or Pickled?

It`s completely safe for dogs to consume raw turnip. However, they shouldn`t consumed too much of it.

And it`s best if you could chop up the vegetable and combine it with your canine`s usual diet. More research is required, but it`s believed that raw turnips can regular the metabolism of your dog. – Read more!

We already know that our furry friends aren`t allowed any garlic or onions. Due to this reason, obviously is to be avoided to give them any pickled turnips.

Why? There might be a chance for them to contain one or both of these spices. Also, pickled veggies usually contain a lot of salt, which is something to be avoided by dogs.

How to Serve Turnips?

When talking about the way these vegetables need to be served, your little pal can have them either cooked or raw. If you ever fed your dog parsnips, the same rules apply here as well.

If you want to serve them steamed or cooked, your dog won`t have any issues digesting them. Even better, turnip greens will be a lot easier to digest by your canine if cleaned and steamed.

If you want to serve raw turnips to your dog, try and make it easy for your fluffy friend to find it easier to digest it by either chopping them in really small pieces or placing them in a blender.

Note: The rule of thumb is for this vegetable to be consumed in moderation in order to avoid digestion issues.


So, can dogs eat turnips? Yes, they can! Not only that, but these wonderful vegetables will actually offer a lot of benefits to your canine companion.

And what better way to mix thing up a bit in your dog`s diet than try new types of food that you can add in its little one`s diet, right?

Only that if your dog is suffering of a medical condition related to its thyroid, you should avoid letting it consume turnips.

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