Dog Keeps Licking Base of Tail: 6 Key Causes for This Behavior!

Is your little fella` eating and playing normally or do you feel like your canine companion is always too busy linking their own tail?

dog keeps licking base of tail

You probably heard that this particular part of your pooch`s grooming routine is completely normal – which actually it is.

However, this new repetitive sound that your dog is now making may all of the sudden seem so loud that nothing can help you to focus. (Buzby, 2022)

Moreover, if this behavior goes to the extreme, it might be the moment for you to acknowledge your little pal has a health issue of some sort.

Read more to try and understand the possible causes of your furry friend licking their tail and what you can do to help them find some comfort. (Ollila, 2022)

Top 6 Causes a Canine Keeps Licking Their Tail

First of all, let`s take a closer look at some reasons why your dog may behave like this!

Parasitic or Flea Bites

Your furry friend may be licking its tail base, it may have to do with a parasitic or flea bite. It may happen that the area where your little pal was bitten was around the base of its tail.

Additionally, if your pooch is licking in excess, you might also notice other symptoms, such as a red bump development. (Cho, 2022)

Anal Sacs Issues

Does your dog only lick itself or do they also look behind as the little one is trying to skate on the floor? For you, it may seem a cool trick, but your pooch`s bum might be on fire. (Natcheva, 2022)

This may occur when your dog`s anal sacs are full. These are small scent glands located on the anus`s both sides and under it.

These glands contain strong fishy-smelling paste which canines need to mark their territory. Most of our canine friends empty these sacs in a natural way when experiencing bowel movements. (Buzby, 2022)

Allergic Reactions

If your fluffy friend is licking their behind, allergic reactions can represent a likely culprit. Food-related allergies can make your canine`s whole body itchy.

In such a situation, your little fella` isn`t responding too well to a specific food ingredient, like soy, eggs, beef, wheat, or chicken. (“Why Won’t My Dog Stop Licking Their Butt?”, 2022)

These allergic reactions can come with a large range of signs, lots of them being related to your pooch`s skin. They may include:

  • Hair loss
  • Hives
  • Itchy skin

(“Dog Licking Base of Tail (7 Reasons Why) – Oodle Life”, 2022)


Licking in excess might represent a symptom that your canine is in pain. There may be even more chances for this to occur if your canine is a senior. (Buzby, 2022)

Your little pal may try to soothe this pain somehow and doesn`t really have any other way to do it. In this case, they would require immediate help.

It may very well be an injury around the tail or an orthopedic problem such as:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Disc illness

(Natcheva, 2022)

Hormonal Imbalances

Medical problems resulting from hormonal imbalances might be another cause of tail licking in excess.

Hormones have a lot of roles in a canine`s body, some of which play essential functions in maintaining skin and hair healthy. (Buzby, 2022)

If you may notice a pigmentation chance, dull coat, or skin thickening, an imbalance of hormones might be the reason.

Your pooch might begin to lick to relieve their skin if they may experience Cushing`s disease, hypothyroidism, or diabetes.

These particular medical conditions may throw off your little one`s hormones and lead to itchiness. Other symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include excessive thirst, hunger, or lethargy. (Myers, 2022)

dog licks tail base


One thing to remember is that a canine without entertainment will only try to create its own entertainment. This may be another reason for your dog licking its tail base.

If you wish to stop your pooch from doing this, your best chance is to give them something to do.

For instance, a great way to break up your canine companion`s day is to buy them puzzle toys for canine enrichment. They help keep boredom away when it comes to food-motivated canines.

If you are away for long periods during the day, hiring a dog walker and giving your little fella` long walks may do the trick. (“Dog Licking Base of Tail (7 Reasons Why) – Oodle Life”, 2022)

How Prevent Your Dog from Lick Their Tail?

There are canines that may have an allergy to flea saliva when they are bitten, leading to increased itching.

Although fleas can be found just about anywhere on the body of a dog, they seem to have an affinity for their read end, specifically around the dog`s tail.

When one sees his dog licking themselves in excess, they should start searching their fur for fleas. Flea combs are especially helpful in this kind of situation. (Alleyne, 2022)

Luckily, if fleas are the reason, a good way to prevent this is the PawPurity Flea/Tick Shampoo which can keep the fleas away and allow your furry friend to be itch-free.

Diagnosis & Treatment

If you notice your dog licking themselves in excess, this might indicate a medical issue. This makes it mandatory to get in touch with a veterinarian right away.

He`ll be able to examine your little friend and run some tests to find out the cause of their behavior and advise what to do. (Ollila, 2022)

If the main problem of your pooch is related to their anal glands, the veterinarian might prescribe some antibiotics to combat any possible infection.

Also, there are OTC supplements available especially for this kind of issue. (Waynick, 2022)

When visiting your vet, a sample of your canine`s stool may help as well, specifically if they are experiencing an internal parasite. (Ollila, 2022)

Essentials to Consider

Licking in excess might represent a concerning sign. That`s why a pet parent who loves his little companion should treat these matters seriously and seek for vet help.

  • Persistent tail licking is a symptom of discomfort: Licking represents a canine`s way to seek comfort when they experience pain.
  • Parasites, infections, and allergic reactions are frequently the reason: If addressed fast, these culprits aren`t too big of a deal.
  • Veterinarian examination is mandatory: Most causes aren`t too difficult to treat; however, medication is often required.

(Ackary, 2022)

Final Word

If your dog keeps linking its base of the tail, there may be several causes for this occurrence which we outlined above.

As a loving dog owner, typically you should pay attention to your canine`s activity and behavior.

Our canine companions express this behavior as a way to look for relief. As soon as you find the reason behind this habit, it`s much easier to find a way to prevent it.

As already advised, you might need to contact your veterinarian and get professional help for your little one`s comfort.

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