English Cream Dachshund: 8 Facts That Will Make You Think!

If you have heard about the English cream dachshund, one of the most graceful, most fashionable varieties of dachshunds, then you`ll certainly want to read some interesting facts about this breed.

english cream dachshund

This stylish dog breed, with a soft cream coat that looks stunning, is a rare breed to find. Seen as among the most prized dachshund varieties in the canine community, the main point of this particular breed is without a doubt their coat!

We`ll take a closer look in this article at this extremely interesting variety of dachshund with the hopes that we brought some compeling new facts into your general knowledge about dachshunds.

Different, but the Same!

There are endless possibilities when talking about varieties of canines. You`ll always have your standard dog breed, but there`s also a sub set of dogs which includes all the hybrid canines, known as designed dogs as well.

We all know these aren`t purebred dogs, but most of the time they are prized over their cousins registered at the AKC.

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Our topic of this article, the English cream dachshund, is such a dog. Although it`s a standard dog breed in itself, lots of canine breeders in the community try to make this unique cream pattern that makes these canines designed pets in most people`s mind.

Lots think that these canines represent a specific dog breed of their very own; however, that`s not the case at all! It`s true that they have a distinguished, unique color, but this pattern isn`t easy to reproduce. For many, they are still seen as common dachshund canines.

Colored Cream with a Bit of Black Hair Overlay

When talking about an English cream dachshund, we can start by describing the breed as a cream colored dog, at times with a black overlay (also known as shading) or not.

The shading is controlled by a specific gene called Chinchilla, which affects the base color of the coat. However, this particular gene doesn`t affect the chocolate or black pigments if the canine is recessive red and got two such genes.

Statistics, Statistics, Statistics!

Our little friend has round eyes, either hazel or brown. Another unique feature, if you ask us! Its little nose has a medium length, light brown or black in color.

This dog weighs anywhere between 30 and 60 pounds, and has a height of around 10 to 22 inches.

It`s considered a medium-sized canine and a short to long type of coat, either wiry, smooth or straight.

Now if we talk about the coat color, we won`t assume that this little fella` can only be found in cream color because we also have pale yellow, brown or fawn.

This type of dachshund usually has a life span of around 10 to 14 years, but exceptions of even longer life expectancies have been heard of.

They Have a Friendly Temperament

It`s true! It wasn`t proven scientifically yet, but any English cream dachshund dog owner out there will support this statement – this particular breed is among the most laid back variety of dachshund you can find. It seems that this is one of the main traits of this type of dog.

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They are well known for their enjoyable temperament. They have such a sweet nature that they become one of the ideal choices of canine companions for children. Also, their “well-mannered” way of being has brought them a great reputation among first time dog owners.

They Become Jealous When They Lack Attention

This isn`t something your average dog owner would know, but dogs of this specific breed become very easily jealous if they don`t feel they get the attention they deserve.

If you want to own a dog of this fascinating breed, be prepared to spend a certain amount of time with them playing around the house or in the park while you take them out for their regular walks.

Moderate Workout Necessities Would Be Sufficient

One could say that our dog is a moderately active canine. Both parents of the English cream wiener dog come from breeds that are energy boosters, so our little one requires some physical exercise to be kept in overall health.

This dog is an “explorer” as they really love to discover everything there`s to discover around them. They also love to socialize with other people or canines. A dog owner should remember this when feeling the need to their walks in the park.

English cream dachshund running

Our Dog Is a Swimmer

Maybe you think most dogs are swimmers. But some of them don`t even go near the water.

In our case, we have a winner because our dog loves the water and loves to swim. Cream sausage dogs enjoy bathing and are true water canines – they have this in their instinct!

As soon as you`ll notice the joy on their cute faces when they are in the water, you`ll definitely know.

Genes Play an Essential Role with This Breed

Each and every puppy from this breed get one single set of gene variant, also known as allele, from each parent. If we go back for a second to our courses of biology from high school, we`ll remember that genes comes predominantly in dominant and recessive gene variants.

The combination of gene variants will make a pup look the way they look. You`ll immediately be able to see the dominant trait on a pup as it will be “very noticeable.” If the little one will have a dominant gene variant and a recessive one, the dominant trait will “get the better of” the recessive gene variant.

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In this case, it`s said that the pup “carry” the recessive gene variant and “show” the dominant one. It`s close to impossible for a canine to own, let`s say, 75% of a gene variant. Either they have 50% or 100% of the dominant gene variant or they have 100% of the recessive one.

If you aren`t still “confused” enough, some of the gene variants aren`t dominant traits or recessive traits completely. Namely, they are somewhere at the middle.

Bonus Tips: Why to Get English Cream Wieners!

Most dog owners have different reasons for which they choose to get a dog. For some looking for a companion might be an important aspect. Other people consider they`ll become more active if they`ll get a dog. And some people just need a sense of purpose.

No matter your personal reasons for which you are looking to get a sausage dog, here`s why you should go towards this awesome dog breed.

  • Wonderful choices for first-time dog owners! Bringing a new canine buddy at home might be very exciting, but it`s plenty to take in for both you and the little fella`.

First-time owners need a particular type of canine temperament and personality for things to go as smooth as possible. The English cream sausage dog is such a dog!

  • These are dogs that can easily be trained! Dog training is an essential part for both the dog and the dog owner. There are specific cues that the future owner has to learn in order to know how to take care of his dog, such as interacting with the canine, general skills required to handle the dog, being aware how dog behavior works, grooming, proper diet, etc.

But all of this will become that much harder if the dog isn`t properly trained. And training a dog that is “easy to handle” is as important as anything in creating the ideal bond between the canine and their owner. Our little pooch is exactly such a dog!

  • They can be amazing family pets! Finding the perfect pet for your family can be rather tricky. There are a lot of variables to take into account and sometimes you need to get out of your way to find just the perfect “match.”

You either want a specific dog breed, you are probably more interested in a particular size or height, or on this case you want a dog that is friendly and easy to deal with to feel them safe around your children. Our Blond wiener dog is the ideal canine choice to have around kids!


We think we offered you enough reasons to make up your mind! Take a moment to check the English cream dachshund and see if this awesome breed can be a match for what you want from your future canine companion.

You can always do more research on your own if you are still in doubt. But it`s hard to bit the qualities and benefits that such a dog bring to a loving home.