Exotic Husky Names: 20 Cool Names That Will Definitely Help!

Cool and exotic Husky names can come from lots of distinct places, so it`s not always easy to find one.

exotic husky names

Especially when you need to share your decision with someone else! We`re happy to help you in this matter by sharing some really “out of the ordinary” Husky names for your little Siberian canine friend!

Best Exotic Husky Names

Finding it difficult to come to an agreement about your new Husky pup with your life partner? Let`s begin by getting right to the point!


This name has its origins after some indigenous people who used to live by the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., known as the Chinook and who spoke the Chinookan languages.

Still, it`s not really appropriate for us to use the “Chinookan” term when referring to these people as this is a misnomer that white people invented in order to describe a large range of people who lived in Lower Columbia.

These particular Indians were the first to tell old stories about “The Great South Wind.”


This is a name that is usually given to a boy and it means “ice.” Now, what better name can a dog owner give to his Husky little friend?

Although nature names can easily be associated with summer or spring, Glacier is considered the perfect name for a Siberian Husky born in the winter.


This is the name of a tree and comes from the Latin word “juniperus.”

This name can be a reference to the common name from English for the juniper berry, as well as a reference to Guinevere, a Welsh name derivation.

In Latin, juniperus represents a mixture of the “juno” term, meaning young, and “parere,” meaning to produce, therefore evergreen, or youth producing.


This is yet another ideal name to be given to a Siberian Husky. It`s a male name with Native American origins, which means “frozen water.”

It`s also a cool name for a Husky girl as it comes from “Icelyn,” although it`s rather frosty to be used as a full name.


This is a name used widely in several languages. In Japan, it`s used for both male and girl dogs, although most of the time for male canines. – Read more!

In Thailand, this name means “sunlight” or “the sun.” On the other hand, in Scotland this term comes from Acair, a male name that means “anchor.”


We have here a name with Slavic origins which means “victory of the people.” In Greece, this term means “victorious army,” while in Russia it means “of the conquering people.”

Either way, this name is pretty cool for a Husky, especially for one that takes part in canine competitions?


This name has Greek origins, which means “butcher.” Although this is most of the time a unisex given name, Artemis is a girl`s name coming from the daughter of Zeus and Leto from the Greek mythology.


This is a name with Native American origins that means “strong” or “wood.” It can be used for both male and girl Huskies.

Moreover, Timber has origins even further back in an old English word that means “building” or “house.” In the United Kingdom, this word is synonym to “lumber” as well. – More info!


Probably a bit more well known that what was previously provided in this article, Cleo is a gender-neutral given name which might be short for Cleophus, Cleopatra as well as other names.

It`s frequently a Greek prefix translated to mean “glory,” “pride” or fame.” It can also be an alternate name for Clio.

unique Husky names


This is yet another name with American origins, meaning “polar bear.” Obviously, this is a gender-male name often given to cute Husky boys.

Other people claim the name means “he who runs with wolves.” No matter the truth, this indeed a distinctive name to give to your Siberian Husky.


If your Husky was born around the Christmas holidays, what better choice could you have for your canine companion than Tasha?

Although a name that can primarily be given to female Huskies, this is a name with English origins which means “born on Christmas day.” This name is short for Natasha, but obviously the short version is a better fit for a canine.


Although somehow surprising after the way it sounds, this is a name with American origins, meaning “Wolverine.”

Now, what better name choice can you have if your family just increased with a new male Husky member?


This is a name that you can choose only if you have a male Husky Siberian. It`s a name derived from “Brun,” the Old High German name, which means “brown.”

It can often be found in Oceania, the U.S., Brazil, Europe, but also Canada.


On the other hand, if you just bought a Husky girl puppy, Sitka can be a great choice for it. This name has Alaskan origins, and it means “people on the outside of Shee.”

This is also the name of a western Alaskan city, the 2nd oldest one in Alaska, founded all the way back in 1799.


Most likely, this name comes the “Yu-kun-ah” term, which means “great river.”

John Bell, the Hudson`s Bay Company chief trader canoed on the Porcupine River back in 1846 all the way to the Yukon River.

There were some natives there who told John that the actual name of the river was the “youcon.”

This seems like an interesting, unique name for a Husky, don`t you think?


This is a girl canine name and it comes from the Old Norse goddess`s name, Freyja.

This is a very popular name in Scotland, Wales and England. Other related names are Prija, Freyja, Frida, Freja or Frøya.

Freja is also a very popular name in Denmark.


Sundance is a name that you would give to a Husky male and it means “sun dance.”

Have you heard about Harry Longabaugh, the well known American outlaw? You probably know him better by the name of The Sundance Kid. He got this nickname from the Sundance town in Wyoming, where used to be incarcerated as a young boy.

A long time ago, there were various Native American tribes that practiced dance ceremonies. There was a particular sun dance ceremony celebrated by these tribes, and the Sundance name was taken from there.


Are you looking for a fierce name for your Husky? Is your canine companion the type of dog who enjoy monitoring the landscapes and anything that comes too close of its household?

Well, it seems like it`s behaving similar to a ranger. So, if it behaves like a ranger, why not put your Husky exactly this name – Ranger!


This name means “gatekeeper” and, obviously, it`s a name that you would give to a male Husky.

This upbeat, cool name has its origins in a character from Moby Dick by Herman Melville. If you are a sports fan, you may also be thinking to Boomer Esiason, a player from NFL. – More like this!

This would make an awesome name for a guard dog, don`t you think?


Now if you have a Husky female dog, what better option can you have than Pearl?

Pearls have always been associated with glamour and innocence. Because it`s related to the sea, this name can also be associated with the water and the moon.

This would make a wonderful choice for a little Husky girl puppy!

Final Word

You were looking for exotic Husky names and we gave you a list of twenty names. You surely have something to think about now.

Go through our list and see which one it will make a better fit for the newest addition of your family!

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