Female Shih Tzu Names: 20 Catchy Names That Everyone Will Think Back To!

You have adopted a new Shih Tzu pup and you are contemplating with the idea of a catchy name for the little fella`.

female Shih Tzu names

There are numerous pet names that you can choose from for your new friend. These names may have sources that at one time or another are determined by fashionable cultural trends.

Our favorite actors, songs or animated characters have some sort of an allure which most of the time we find them relevant to our canines` nature.

On the other hand, not everyone has enough inspiration to come out by themselves with a unique, memorable pet name.

Maybe it`s just best to let others brainstorm some ideas and help you with this issue, right? Don`t concern yourself too much though!

We are here to offer the assistance you need in finding the right female-gender name for your Shih Tzu.

Top 20 Catchy Female Shih Tzu Names

We have compiled a variety of unique names along with their meaning so you know what would be a better fit for your fluffy friend.


This is a great pet name choice as it`s related to a joyful, free-spirited canine. The meaning behind this name is “my father`s delight,” while the origins are Hebrew.

If your dog usually acts like no one is a stranger to it and just seem to enjoy everything around, then this is the name for it.


This one is a no brainer. It`s a diminutive for Isabella, Arabella or Annabella, it comes from Italy and has the meaning of “god is my oath” or, better yet, “beautiful, cute”

Your dog won`t really need to go out of the shadows being so adorable and all. But, choosing Bella as its name will surely put your precious canine in the spotlight in the near future.


We`ll be going over other shorter variations of Camilla later in this article. But if you enjoy to call your dog more by the original name, that`s fine as well. – More like this!

It depends if you want a catchy name that is widely spread among other dogs or if you want a more unique touch. This is definitely the more unique approach!


This perennial dog name has been around for quite a while as it was quite a well known nickname for Margaret.

Nowadays, this name means “day`s eye” in the English language and is quite suitable for a dog with fresh, energetic personality.

celebrity Shih Tzu names


This unique pet name is synonym with “noble woman” or “lady.” Freja refers to something classic and refined. When you think about this name, you think of beauty and love.

Freja is a very popular dog name, especially in the Scandinavian countries where it has its roots.


Harley comes also with the variation of “Harlee.” It has English origins, and its meaning goes something like this “from the Hares` wood.”

This is a name that will better fit to a dog that really enjoys playing and has a fun personality. – Check this out!


This is quite a popular girl name in the United States. It means “blooming” and “fertility.” So, why not use it for your little Shih Tzu girl puppy?

It can also be spelled Chloe, but the Khloe version is a lot more popular. The K-spelling versions is in fact believed to be the actual original version of the goddess of fertility in the Greek mythology, otherwise known as Demeter.


This name is the 3518th most well known name when it comes to female-gender names. Koda is usually pronounced “koh-dah.”

It represents the shorter version of Dakota. In the Dakota Native American language, this means “ally” or “friend.”


Lacey is a dog name that means “petite, pure, feminine,” a name with French origins. This name was brought to British Isles after Norman conquer.

If you feel your canine companion as a pure, delicate touch, than Lacey is certainly a great option for a name.


Probably one of the most popular and obvious female-gender pet names, Lady represents a female with charm and elegance. A Shih Tzu female dog is definitely a graceful canine.

Moreover, Lady is a name that was made popular by the main character of the Disney`s animated movie “Lady and the Tramp.”


Often spelled out Layla, this name also has other variations such as Leila or Laila. It has Arabic basis and it means “night.”

This exotic pet name is something to consider especially if you have a black Shih Tzu female dog.


Luna, meaning “moon” in Latin (and English) is perhaps one of the most well known girl-gender pet names out there. And that`s so, obviously, for a reason!

Being so celestial, this name has been a winner for most dog owners out there over the years. The levels of cuteness will surely spike when choosing such an elegant name.

shih tzu names and their meanings


This pet name with German origins is short for Millicent or Mildred. It has the meaning of “gentle strength,” a perfect choice for a canine like a Shih Tzu.

Millie is a very popular dog name all over the world. You could also go for other variations such as Milly, Milla or Mille.


Did you know that Mimi also translates into “sea of bitterness?” The origins of this girl name come from France. – More to read!

Mimi is short for Miriam or Marilyn. It`s kind of hard to believe that you would name your dog Marilyn, so Mimi would definitely fit better.


Missy comes from Melissa, but recently more and more pets are given this name.

“Honeybee,” as it`s the meaning of this name, has a Greek basis. However, this is a slang for “young woman” as well, making it an ideal choice for a girl Shih Tzu dog.


This unusual pet female name has African roots. The meaning behind this name is “successful,” while in Swahili it means “gift.”

This girl dog name was made well known by “Lion King,” the popular Disney cartoon movie.

In this movie, Nala was best friend of Simba, the main character of the cartoon, which later became his wife.


This catchy dog name has the meaning of “violet flower.” Obviously, this is mainly a female-gender name and has an American basis.

Before going for this pet name, there`s another thing you should know first – another meaning for this term is “someone who can be tricked easily.”


Pebbles is a female-gender dog name with American roots that will for sure stand out from the crowd.

Its meaning is “small rocks” and it`s a name that has been made popular by the character of “The Flinstones,” a cartoon sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions.


This pet name with Greek roots seems like the ideal name for your Shih Tzu puppy, right? Especially if your little one has a happy attitude as this name has the meaning of “radiant, shining one.”

This name has been made popular by one of the favorite characters of the popular TV series from the `90s, “Friends.”


Sassy is a lively, spirited name, and this is exactly what it means – bold, spirited, cheeky if you want.

It has English roots and, although, it`s a name that you can put to both females and males, it has a more suitable touch to a girl Shih Tzu.

Final Word

You were looking for a list of female Shih Tzu names to pick one lucky pet name for your little pal.

We hope we fulfilled your wish and that you managed to find something suitable to your desires.

Moreover, remember – no matter how you choose to name your cuteness, it will be all fine! More important than its future name are the thousands of cuddles and kisses you`ll be giving your fluffy friend.

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