7 Food Related Tips to Consider When You Need your Furry Friend to Poop Less

If your little pal poops too often, you may be right to worry. But a few dog food related tips might just to the trick.

dog food related tips

Certain dogs, which may start to poop more when boarding or walking, might also be doing this because of stress. Or it may very well be something related to their health.

If your canine poops a whole lot more than he normally does, you should always try and stay on the safe side and talk to a veterinarian.

On the other hand, if it doesn`t seem something very serious, you could probably help your little pal poop less by doing a few simple changes in his daily diet.

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when thinking what food to give your little one.

High Quality Foods

Just as you would do for your own diet, the quality of your dog`s food has a very important role and shouldn`t be overlooked. Pay attention! High prices and fancy packages doesn`t guarantee the best quality.

Knowing what manufacturer to choose will take you a long way when it comes to the health of your canine.

The better is the quality of your dog`s food, the more benefits he`ll receive from that food he consumes; especially, when it comes to energy and fuel, and not just processing it and getting rid of it at the other end.

Still, choosing a type of food that is high quality can sometimes be a real challenge. It`s normal to consider that more expensive foods have more valuable ingredients and nutrients.

However, it can happen to purchase a premium product that doesn`t necessarily meet the guidelines in terms of quality.

A dog food that is considered to be a quality one for growth and energy have listings outlined on the packages with the most valuable ingredients at the top. Proteins will usually come first on this list.

Increased Energy & High Digestibility

Most dog owners find it difficult to offer a diet well balanced in nutrients that doesn`t miss on the supply of energy. Dogs should receive a diet that is easy to digest – 80% to 90% should always be the target.

Dogs don`t have a long digestive tube, so it`s not easy for them to digest carbs. Your best option will be to give them ingredients that are free of gluten, such as potatoes, tapioca or white rice.

Fiber Has an Essential Role

Dogs who consume lots of kibbles tend to poop more than normal as the most important ingredients in these are fillers. Kibbles consist of beet pulp, rice hulls, cellulose and soybeans.

Therefore, decreasing the filler amount in your dog`s food will most definitely aid lessen the excrement frequency.

Nutrients & Fats

Our canine friends need fat for a better immune system, body health, coat and energy. They will poop a lot more often if they are giving foods filled with fat. The amount of fat in their diet should be somewhere around 6% – 15%.

Dogs require supplements in their food, such as probiotics and omega fatty acids. Dog owners should avoid giving them irritants (e.g. colors, flavors, preservatives) or additives.

Raw Diet Can Be Beneficial

Decreasing the amount of fiber, grains and fillers may reduce the poop amount of your dog quite a lot. Their bodies are mainly “designed” to process raw food, so should be your first choice.

Diets based on raw food in fact means that your little friend can use a lot more of what is going in. Almost each and every aspect of the food he consumes will be put to good use. Also, the waste will be much less.

What is also interesting here is that when your dog eats mostly raw foods, they don`t require consuming that much food. In turn, this will obviously mean less pooping around.

Add Chicken & Rice Into Your Canine`s Diet

Cooked rice and chicken is a safe food diet for any dog. Giving your dog such food might help him restore his regular bowel movements.

Raw chicken is safe for your dog to consume. It`s easy to chew and includes dense nutrients which are very important for his health. It aids your little friend`s teeth plaque free and always clean.

If your dog poops less and has vomited a couple of times in the last 6 hours, offer him rice and chicken meat with no skin. Give this to him until his poops get back to normal.

Transition back to his regular food until his poop is normal and vomiting is no longer present. You can slowly add kibble into the rice and chicken meat before removing it entirely.

Note: Chicken and rice alone on a daily basis is an unbalanced diet that lacks lots of things. Your canine will be prone to any number of medical issues on such a diet.

Quantity Matters

Last but not least, it`s perhaps already obvious that the amount of food you give to your little friend have a big contribution to the amount of waste he produces afterwards.

Some dog foods have different guidelines when it comes to feeding your dog, especially when it comes to the food amount.

And if you decide to change his diet, you most definitely need to check the guidelines for the new type of food you are feeding him, instead of just assuming it`s the same amount as the old food.

Of course, just as with human beings, overfeeding your little pal may lead to weight issues or even obesity. As a result, this will also lead to a high amount of residue in the end.

Final Word

Considering you found our tips helpful, now the only thing that remains is to put them in practice. The more of them you use, the better results you`ll get.