Poodle with Undocked Tail: 10 Key Questions Calling for an Answer!

There aren`t too many distinct canine breeds out there than a Poodle, and a Poodle with an undocked tail has even more stories to tell.

Poodle with Undocked Tail

Lots of Poodles are intended for competition, and because the American Kennel Club`s standards require this, they need to have their tails docked.

Dog breeders need to follow such standards, so they have their Poodles` tails docked up to 5 years of age. There are also cosmetic reasons for which these standards need to be followed, but there are some other compelling reasons as well.

What Is Tail Docking?

Tail docking represents the removal of a canine`s tail, either part of it or the whole tail, in order to prevent injuries or for cosmetic purposes.

This practice is out of date and involves cutting the bone, muscle and nerves of pups up to 5 days of age sometimes without anaesthetic.

Research show that it causes pain to our canine friends and deprives them of a significant form of expression in the future life of a canine! Additionally, docking performed in a poor manner might lead to chronic pain.

Why Are Poodle Tails Docked?

Historically speaking, dog tail docking was believed increase the speed of the animal, prevent rabies, strengthen the dog`s back, and prevent any injuries that might have occurred during baiting, ratting or fighting.

A long time ago, dogs of this breed were mostly used as water canines, meaning they were used as retrieval canines when birds fell in the water during hunting.

Due to this reason, a dog`s tail was docked to improve speed during swimming. A Pompon on the tail`s tip also let hunters notice the canines while swimming in the water after the hunt.

In our times, such dogs are used as canine companions, but where tail docking is legal, this is still performed on a prophylactic, cosmetic, tradition or therapeutic basis.

Is Tail Docking Really Necessary?

Dog talk docking for certain canine breeds might be used because the non-working members may experience health risks quite similar to working canines! However, often it`s to follow a specific dog breed standard or appearance.

Research show that preventive dog tail docking isn`t really necessary. Thus, tail docking when it comes to non-working canines, even if that specific dog breed was at first designed for working reasons, is seen as a cosmetic procedure if evidence state otherwise.

In various countries such as the UK where canine tail docking isn`t allowed legally (besides several exemptions) the dog breed standards of traditionally docked canine breeds have been modified.

Do Miniature Poodles Have Their Tails Docked?

Yes, mini Poodles have the tails docked even for an early age, around 3 – 5 days of age.

The process of recovery lasts for around 7 days to full healing. There won`t be any damage to their nervous system left behind and they won`t remain with any scars after the entire procedure has ended.

This is mostly why dog owners don`t really notice that the actual procedure even took place. – Read this!

When older canines of this breed have their tails docked, there are more chances for complications to occur and the recovery process might take longer.

Is It Cruel to Dock a Dog`s Tail?

The WSAVA states that dog tail docking isn`t a painless procedure and that pups have their nervous system completely developed. Thus, it`s more than likely that they`ll feel pain.

Even though it might not happen for puppies to actually show obvious pain, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association reports that “there are biological markers that show pain is occurring.”

Even more, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association claims that this type of procedures is completely worthless if performed for the purpose of treating various medical conditions.

On the other hand, the AVMA also opposes to this procedure admitting that it`s painful and unnecessary, encouraging the dismissal of canine tail docking from any dog breed standards.

Can You Use a Rubber Band to Dock a Dog`s Tail?

According to DogsTodayMagazine.co.uk, there was a man appearing in front of Maidstone Magistrates` Court pleading guilty for causing unnecessary suffering to a canine puppy.

Dave Grant, an inspector for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the man was docking tails of lambs for quite a while and didn`t see any difference in doing the same to his 15-year old pup.

The man was disqualified from keeping canines for 2 years and had to pay £85 for victim surcharge and £300 for costs. He also received a sentence of 200 hours community service without pay.

As already mentioned, dog tail docking is a painful procedure and should only be performed for medical reasons by qualified veterinarians.

How Long Does a Docked Tail Take to Heal?

After the procedure, you`ll have to bring your little pal back to your veterinarian after 5 to 7 days for the removal of the stitches.

Note: Some vets use absorbable stitches which, obviously, won `t require any removal.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dogs Tail Docked?

We already established that this procedure isn`t in fact necessary. However, if you still want to go ahead with it, you should know from the start that the cost of such a surgery can vary a lot – prices usually start from around $60 and it will become more expensive depending on the options you choose.

With that in mind, it`s probably best to think about the dog`s health and stay on the safe side. Therefore, you should go for more expensive options which will involve local pain control and anesthesia.

Typically, these aren`t provided during tail docking to the costs can be maintained down or sometimes because the veterinarian doesn`t always have real experience when it comes to neonatal anesthesia.

Can a Poodle Puppy Die from Tail Docking?

We already know that this procedure is both traumatic and painful for any puppy that is going through dog tail docking.

If the surgery is performed poorly, there might be complications involved later, such as defecating or urinating, and even nerve damage which can lead to pain as the little one grows up.

Bleeding occurred during this rather cruel procedure can become very serious and as a result, pups can actually die.

Is Tail Docking Legal?

In the UK, dog tail docking is seen as a mutilation of the actual canine. This isn`t an illegal practice in some countries, which include England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland!

Still, a few exemptions exist, like the dog tail`s removal by a veterinarian for medical purposes or for specific breeds of working canines.

Final Word

Although kind of old fashioned, seeing a Poodle with an undocked tail isn`t really an uncommon thing to see these days.

However, more and more people in the dog community acknowledge the seriousity of this issue, which we obviously appreciate and salute.

We hope these questions that got an answer from us today will help you make the right decision with your canine companion.

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