My Puppy Is Crying When I Pick Him Up After Shots!

Is your little one crying after shots? Pups may yelp after vaccination pretty much for the same reasons that our kids do – they are probably in pain!

puppy crying when i pick him up after shots

When we think about getting shots for our precious canine companions, we may feel nervous about possible vaccine side effects. It`s completely understandable.

Getting your new pup its shots is really important and gives you a lot to think about, but the period after is equally important.

You might be aware by now as a dog owner that there`re benefits and health risks to pretty much everything we decide to do to your fluffy friends.

Your new puppy can experience a large range of ugly medical conditions and illnesses, some of which might lead to quite a discomfort. Others might even put your pup`s life in jeopardy.

So, it`s crystal clear how significant vaccines are to protect your dog against all these debilitating illnesses.

But how can one stay alert for possible side effects of vaccination? How can you feel fully prepared?

We`ll go over these things in today`s topic as well as other related issues.

What Is a Vaccine Allergic Reaction?

Vaccine allergies represent unusual reactions to the actual vaccine, but they can also represent the end result of the actual body “exaggerating” to a shot.

Puppies might sometimes experience some minor negative effects which are the result of a required vaccination.

Typically, these particular signs aren`t really a reason to worry and most of the time will end in 1 – 2 days.

However, if your puppy experiences persistent signs or they product a lot of discomfort, you`ll have to get in touch with your veterinarian.

It might happen for you to take a look at the injection area and notice redness. Your pup might also become lethargic for a couple of days.

These might not be very severe side effects, but you`ll still want to contact your vet if these signs worsen.

Allergic reactions due to vaccines can happen in canines after they get regular shots. Signs might vary, and complications might happen if the negative effects aren`t resolved on themselves.

Is It Normal for Puppies to Be in Pain After Shots?

A bit of discomfort, even decreased physical activity around the infection site is quite common in puppies.

It`s quite normal for your little four-legged friend to feel uncomfortable and sore after getting its shots.

They might choose to express this particular discomfort by yelping when we picked up or even just touched.

After your furry companion gets its vaccine, yelping doesn`t have to be particularly addressed and isn`t a vital concern if there aren`t any symptoms of allergies.

The best thing you can do is try your best to make your pal as comfortable as possible, continue monitoring it for any possible negative effects, and just let your little one rest.

How Long Do Puppies Hurt After Shots?

After shots, your dog`s immune system has been activated to build antibodies against foreign invaders.

Possible tiredness, soreness and even swelling due to this vaccination might subside within 24 to 48 hours.

If your puppy has received intranasal vaccinations, it might experience sneezing or signs that look like a mild cold for a couple of days.

dog in pain after vaccine shot

Can I Walk My Dog After Vaccination?

During your regular walks, keep the little one on paved surfaces, such as parking areas or sidewalks. The feces and urine from unvaccinated canines are more difficult to see on dirt trails or grass, so best to avoid them.

Pups that have already had their 2nd round of vaccinations are allowed to visit the beach. However, try to avoid times a day or areas with a lot of crowd.

Five to 7 days after getting its shots, your canine companion is all ready to go outside. Your puppy might be a bit more resilient than a couple of weeks earlier, it`s vital to keep it away from things that might it sick.

Unfamiliar canines should also be avoided during these walks. When other dog walkers approach and ask if their dogs are allowed to say “Hello,” inform them as politely as possible that your little pal hasn`t been vaccinated completely yet. Most people will surely understand.

What Helps a Puppy with Pain After Shots?

The below guidelines highlight in a clear manner how you should best take care of your puppy when it shows mild symptoms:

  • Offer your little one a comfortable, warm spot to lie down and relax. Still, you shouldn`t worry too much if your pup wants to relax in a different place.
  • Be certain your puppy has access to what it likes to eat and water. However, you shouldn`t concern yourself if it isn`t that hungry.
  • You should try to avoid playing or patting your puppy as it might want to be left alone. When it will feel like it, your little friend will come and get attention on its own.
  • Check on your puppy every now in a while and be certain they`re comfortable enough. Do this but try to avoid disturbing your pal too much.

When to Be Concerned?

If you notice your little pooch still crying after 3 days or has other signs, it might be best to visit your veterinarian again for another consultation. – Read more!

In addition, if your dog shows any of the below symptoms after having its shots, again, take the little one to the veterinarian right away.

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Consciousness loss
  • Swollen face

Although quite rare, such symptoms might display a more serious allergy to a specific vaccine. If these particular negative effects aren`t attended, they might put your canine`s health in jeopardy.

Bottom Line

If your little canine companion is crying when trying to pick it up after vaccination, you can rest assure this something perfectly normal.

Shots are always painful, especially for small pups that can take it as a really terrifying experience.

Combined with discomfort and other negative effects like irritability or fever, it`s actually no surprise that they yelp or whine after having their shots.

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