Shaved Golden Retriever: 8 Insights That Offer More Profound Knowledge!

Before going out of your way and give your furry friend a new cut, maybe it`s best first to arm yourself with some knowledge in the right direction.

shaved golden retriever

Leaving your little pal looking like an old mop is the worst idea ever, right? If you want to solve the issue quickly and save time, stay still for a moment and think about what you can do.

You can start by reading more of our little guide here to train yourself in the secret arts of grooming just like a real pro.

Can You Shave a Golden Retriever?

Some dog owners believe that shaving their Retriever will get rid of any hot spots, decrease shedding or protect against ticks or fleas. That`s simply not true!

Hot spots can easily be controlled using supplements and following a proper diet, ticks and fleas will be much better managed using a spot-on preventive, and your Retriever will still shed anyway.

In other words, there isn`t a good enough reason to have your Golden Retriever shaved.

When Should Golden Retrievers Get Their First Haircut?

A smart decision will be to start grooming when your Retriever is still very young, a puppy even. A young pup`s coat doesn`t really require any grooming, but will get your dog familiarized with all the necessary grooming tools.

Also, when grooming a dog, you`ll have to touch and stroke it, open its mouth to look at its teeth, and these things are also required for a dog to be familiarized with.

If you choose to use the services of a grooming salon in your nearby area, the staff there will most likely also thank you if your little pal feels comfortable when being touched by other people.

Note: Always remember – the grooming process needs to be a positive experience for both you and your canine companion.

Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Ruin Their Coat?

Yes, shaving your dog`s coat can bring permanent damages especially if you don`t know what you are doing.

A Golden`s double coat protects the canine`s skin from sunspots, weather conditions or parasites. Also, there`s no guarantee whatsoever that the dog`s coat will grow back naturally when shaved.

Sometimes, a dog`s fur may grow unevenly, something that isn`t pleasant to see on your little pal.

Should I Cut My Golden Retriever`s Hair in the Summer?

When the summer season is in full swing, heating may become a problem for your Retriever. Obviously, you are a responsible dog owner, so you are only interested in what`s best for your little fella`.

When you take a look at your fluffy friend, you may be tempted to break out all the tools you have around for grooming and give your pal a serious haircut.

But it`s this really necessary? No, not if you don`t want to take away all the natural protection that your canine companion already has. Ok, what else is there to do then? The below steps should give some sort of guidelines on this regard.

  • Ears: Retrievers` ears need a bit of general grooming both in the outside as well as the inside. The inside hair has to be maintained thin using grooming shears and nose thinning shears.

The one on the outside and along the edges has to be maintained neat as well. Also, Goldens tend to experience ear infections, but these can be prevented with ear cleansing solution on a weekly basis. – Read more!

  • Feet: Trim your dog`s hair around its pads, but try to keep the hair length as even as possible with the pads. Golden Retrievers have a tendency to develop “slippers”, which is some fuzzy hair which sticks out from the top of the dog`s feet as well as their side.

If you manage to keep this particular hair well trimmed, you`ll manage to offer better traction and also decrease any matting or tracking in dirt or sand.

can you shave a golden retriever
  • Nails: The nails of a Retriever grow quickly and they need to be trimmed on a regular basis. They don’t feel comfortable with long nails as this may interfere with their ability to walk.

Don`t cut your dog`s nails too much though in order to avoid bleeding by hitting the inside of the nail.

  • Tail: The tail of a Golden need to be groomed in order to look similar to a fan when the dog extends its tail. Your best bet is to twist the tail`s end by placing the thumb below the tail bone`s end and trim that area around the thumb. Then form a fan carefully toward the tail`s base working from the end.
  • Brushing: Give your little one some regular brushing sessions from time to time using a top-notch bristle brush along with an undercoat rake, if you feel it necessary.

This won`t just decrease shedding, but will offer some quality bonding between you and your canine friend.

What About the “Teddy Cut” Grooming Style?

Although is isn`t really a good idea to shave your Retriever`s fur without a really good reason, you might feel tempted to try and keep your dog`s hair shorter during the humid, hot weather season.

Some grooming professionals have chosen to adopt a new technique known as the “Teddy Cut” method. This is also a good way to maintain your dog`s coat shorter without having to sacrifice its double coat.

For this particular type of cut, the dog`s body will be clipped up to a shorter hair length, while its legs will be scissored in the coat`s natural shape.

The canine`s tail and feet also needs to be trimmed in a curved, short style, similar to the paws of a cat.

No matter how you choose to groom your little one, your canine companion will most certainly look fantastic. You`ll also feel happy as soon as you found the proper style for your dog.

How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Golden Retriever?

The price of grooming your Retriever will generally depend on what approach you want to have.

It depends what are looking for! Are you looking for professional trim? Then you should expect prices ranging between $30 and $40 a month. – More like this!

If you are looking for a full groom, you might have to pay around $60 per month.

On the other hand, if you decide to do most of the work on your own, there are several product that you`ll have to have. However, they`ll most certainly last longer than if you`ll take your dog to your local grooming salon.

What Grooming Products Do You Need for Your Golden?

Managing to establish a grooming schedule on a regular basis is essential for your dog`s coat health. This way you`ll most likely avoid health issues like skin illnesses, shedding in excess, mats and tangles in your puppy`s fur or paw deformities resulted from untrimmed nails.

Here we listed some essential grooming tools to have around in case you`ll want to take matter on your own hands:

  • Pet shampoo & conditioner
  • Face wash
  • Waterless pet shampoo
  • Fragrance spritz
  • Wipes

What Is the Best Brush for a Golden Retriever?

After doing an in-depth research, we found the Nidawi Dog Grooming Brush to be the most reliable brush on the market for a Golden Retriever today.

This versatile de-shedding tool will get rid of any mats, tangles or knots that your pet might have in the easiest possible way.

The health of your Golden`s coat will definitely improve, shedding will be reduced, and you can say “good bye” to any itchy or dry skin.

The brush features blades made of stainless steel on both sides and an ergonomic handle that won`t slip.

This tool is manufactured by Nidawi, a company that only uses trusted quality materials and has a great customer support.

Nidawi Dog Grooming Brush and Deshedding Tool for Detangling Loose Haired and Undercoat, Helps Reduce Tangles, Shedding, and Mats in Long Fur, Gentle and Stress Free (Blue)


So, can you shave a Golden Retriever? No, not unless you really have to and using the right grooming tools.

However, a shaved Golden Retriever the proper way will definitely look cuddly and fluffy. You just need to be sure you know what you are doing.