From Rambunctious to Relaxed: When Do Blue Heelers Calm Down?

Also called Australian Cattle Dogs or Queensland Heelers, Blue Heelers are a breed of herding canines first found in Australia.

when do blue heelers calm down

These working dogs were originally bred to work around cattle and other animals; therefore, they are an intelligent and easy-to-train herding dog breed.

The Australian Cattle dog typically has the endurance and stamina to work for an entire day and are well-known for its versatility and intelligence.

Due to this reason, Blue Heelers tend not to be seen as naturally calm canines compared to other dog breeds. Not only that they need lots of mental and physical daily exercise, but they actually enjoy task-solving exercises as they can become easily bored and even harmful without enough stimulation.

These dogs can become very protective regarding other dogs, their territory, or close ones. The bright side is that these pooches can become lovely pets and loyal friends with the proper socialization and consistent obedience training program.

blue heelers typically calm

It`s essential to remember that these dogs represent a working dog breed, requiring lots of attention and time to keep them physically occupied, thus making them unsuitable for dog lovers with a sedentary lifestyle or apartment living.

How Hyper Are Blue Heelers?

We already established that this dog breed requires plenty of mental and physical exercise (e.g., long walks) to keep them healthy and well-behaved.

This highly trainable canine excels in various activities, like agility, herding, search & rescue, and obedience.

This canine needs an owner who can offer them the right amount of attention and energy to avoid them becoming bored or destructive.

blue heeler puppies

There are better options than an Australian Cattle Dog if you are looking for a calm, low-energy pet companion., such as the English Cocker Spaniel, the Whippet, or the Golden Retriever.

When Do Blue Heelers Calm Down?

As mentioned above, Blue Heelers are well known for their high energy and strength levels when put to work in a controlled environment.

These intelligent dogs are highly active, needing lots of mental stimulation and regular exercise almost daily. We also highlighted that Blue Heelers are well known for their herding instincts, turning them into naturally protective and assertive canines.

Although some of these dogs might calm down as they age, it`s essential to remember that all pooches are individual creatures, and their energy and personalities might vary considerably.

most australian cattle dogs

Still, energy levels at about 1 to 3 years of age start to decrease slowly.

This is a high energy breed, so consistent obedience training and socialization from a young age can help the canine remain calm and channel its energy positively.

In addition, offering them a lot of mental and physical exercise may help to maintain them well-behaved and calm.

How Do You Calm a Hyper Adult Blue Heeler?

There are a few different steps that many dog owners can take to calm a hyper Australian Cattle Dog.

  • Physical activity: Be sure your pooch will get enough exercise, like running or at least a walk in the park, for any extra energy to burn off.
  • Mental stimulation: Offer your canine companion interactive puzzle toys to keep their mind busy.
  • Regular routine: Regular walking or feeding schedules will help your furry friend feel calm and safe.
  • Training: Teaching your little pal some basic commands that involve obedience training, like “stay,” come,” or “sit,” can calm them down and also help them concentrate more.
  • Positive reinforcement: Rewarding your little fella` for behaving calmly using praise and favorite treats can always help.
  • Contact a trainer: Getting in touch with a professional behaviorist or trainer to evaluate your canine’s herding behavior and offer proper advice can only be beneficial.
why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere

Are Blue Heelers Easy to Train?

This is no wild Dingo! A Blue Heeler is well known for being a smart and easy-trainable dog breed. These dogs have a solid work ethic and always want to please, making them very interested in learning new commands and tasks.

They are also easy to train in herding, obedience, and agility tasks. Still, it`s essential to remember that Australian Cattle dogs can sometimes be strong-willed, stubborn canines, so the key here might be to use consistent, positive training techniques.

These dogs, especially male dogs, need lots of mental stimulation and can easily become bored by repetitive training methods.

It`s also essential to start training from an early age and involve enough mental and physical exercise for such a high-energy dog breed. These canines will only respond to direct, plain communication, positive reinforcement, and correct training.

The good news is that many Blue Heelers typically can turn into great canine companions with proper training, regular exercise routine, and socialization.

How Much Exercise Does a Blue Heeler Need?

An energetic and obedient dog breed like a Blue Heeler can benefit from one hour of vigorous physical exercise once a day. This can include playing fetch, walking in the park, running, or hiking.

Additionally, training and obedience courses on a regular basis could also be very beneficial for most Blue Heelers to keep their mental stimulation active.

Related FAQs

Why Does My Blue Heeler Follow Me Everywhere?

As with any herding dog breed, your Blue Heeler might follow you anywhere due to their strong desire for attention or companionship and the powerful bond between you.

Due to their increased sense of protection and loyalty, Blue Heelers tend to form close relationships with their owner or close ones.

Last but not least, we discussed above that Blue Heelers are herding canines and might feel the need to stay close to you by nature to “herd” or protect their owner. – Click here!

Why Are Heelers So Clingy?

That same sense of loyalty and protection is what sometimes makes these energetic dogs clingy. These canines have a compelling sense of attentiveness and closeness.

Without enough stimulation and observation, there`s only a tiny step until even an obedient dog of this breed can become bored or anxious, which may show clinginess.

Does Blue Heelers Pick a Favorite Person?

More often than not, a Blue Heeler will choose their favorite person from the entire family, which will happen as early as when they are a young puppy.

consistent obedience training early

Whomever they form a stronger bond with, a Blue Heeler will prefer spending more time with that particular person than others.

How Do You Break a Blue Heeler from Biting?

Proper training and socialization are critical for Blue Heelers to be prevented from biting. One should encourage the desired behavior of their adult dog by establishing clear guidelines and positive reinforcement.

Biting can be a sign of a medical problem; therefore, contacting a veterinarian for further advice is essential.

If this naturally energetic behavior is the result of any underlying problems, like fear or anxiety, professional help might be required.


In conclusion, Blue Heelers become mentally mature at 2 or 3 years; therefore, you shouldn`t have to wait too long for their peak energy levels to decrease.

Once the temperament of this dog becomes less hyperactive and settles down, you may be surprised to find out that you are the owner of a completely new type of dog.

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