Why Does My Dog Lay on My Chest? {Explained}

If you visited us today, there`s perhaps only one question in your mind that bugs you: “why does my dog lay on my chest?”

why does my dog lay on my chest and neck

As most dog owners, you have a variety of roles – a loving parent, a first aid responder, a nutritionist, at times even a chauffeur. But what do you do when your dogs turns you in a piece of furniture?

If your pooch is like many other canines, it might enjoy sitting on you every now and then. That`s especially if your pet is one of dogs that sometimes loves to snuggle next by your side in bed.

Dogs are social little creatures, and like many other pets out there, love showing affection. Most likely, you already had your share of cuddles up to now with your little pal, right?

Whether your dog is sitting on your lap, nestling next to you or laying down at your feet, there`s practically nothing better than sharing a bit of quality time with your four-legged companion.

If your fluffy friend has recently started laying on your chest all of the sudden, you may be curious why. And you can be sure your little friend is choosing that particular spot for a reason – or several maybe!

Let`s dive in and see what interesting things we can find out about this!

7 Reasons Why Your Pooch Sits on Your Chest

Obviously, you aren`t alone when talking about such an experience!

It`s always one the following things when it comes to your furry friend wanting to sit on your chest. You just need to figure it out which one it is.

In Its Nature

Some canines have it in their nature to sleep alongside their own owners as they feel safe and secure.

If you notice your canine companion laying on your chest, it might help it feel less vulnerable, therefore safer.

Showing Affection

Often, your dog feels the need to “express” their love and affection. Some of our furry friends show it a funny, weird way.

When it does this, it might just want to be closer to you, especially if you have been gone for a while.

Looking for Comfort

It can be as simple as just looking for comfort, at least compared with the other options it has.

Its own bed is right there, but it prefers to sleep on your chest – this is your pooch looking for comfort.

Looking for Attention

It might be as simple as that! Your little pal may lack attention and it might just to grab some of that from your part.

Just like us, humans, feel the need to move closer to someone to get their attention, it`s the same with our canine companions.

Wants “Something”

If your little pal has got you wrapped around its paws, just gave up!

It either wants its butt scratched or might want to open the door for it to get out. Or it might simply be hungry!

And even if you are half asleep, it`s probably best to just get our ass off the bed and indulge your pooch.

Expression of Dominance

Dominance is something that most dog breeds try to establish at some point during their lifetime with their owners.

If your dog decides to position itself on your chest all of the sudden, it might be because it`s trying to “prove” who has the higher position in the household.

It all becomes obvious when you notice this behavior accompanied by other signs, such as ignoring you or not obeying your commands.

Dominance in dogs should always be discouraged and this can be achieved early with training and patience.

“Resource Guarding“

Have you heard about “resource guarding?” This is a canine`s behavior when it doesn`t want others to come near its possessions.

Yes, that`s right! Some dogs “see” their owners as their own property. They might put themselves on their owners` chest to stake their claim.

This is when you may see your dog becoming somehow possessive, claiming you against your spouse, children or other pets in the household.

why does my dog lay on my stomach

Encouraging Your Canine to Sit on Your Chest

Finally, your issue might be a completely different matter! In other words, you may in fact want your dog to lay on you, thus, encouraging a closer bond.

With that being said, be sure this happens on your own terms. At times, you might have stuff to do only then to find your dog becoming persistent and pushy to get what it wants.

This can easily be avoided by making it aware of some basic commands like “stay” or “sit.” Also, you can just stand up when you don`t really feel like having them sit on your chest.

Once you make sure your dog understands who is in charge, you can encourage the little fella` lie on your chest by using the command “chest” while you pat your chest.

You should let your pal sit for a while, then use the command “off” while pointing towards the area where you want your pooch to be.

Most of the time, it won`t take very long for your canine to understand what it needs to do, especially if you took the time to train it in advance. – More info!

You should also let your pal sit for a while, then use the command “off” while pointing towards the area where you want it to be.

When It Becomes an Issue

If the reason your dog is sitting on your chest is due to separation, you need to work on changing its behavior and help the little one feel happier.

Anxiety should be considered a negative behavior, especially if your canine companion is acting out discomfort or stress.

You could try and sit in different rooms for a while to teach your dog that it`s safe when there`s some physical distance between the two of you.

Your dog might sit on your chest to “ask” something from you. For instance, it might want to go outside or just try to get your attention.

If you`ll reinforce such a behavior, you`ll only encourage your little pal to repeat it over and over again.

Instead, you could make your fluffy friend get off and, before offering what it desire, make it listen to your commands.

Things That Can Help

There are several things a dog owner can do when he wants to avoid having his dog sitting on this chest. – Click here!

Training Is Mandatory

Generally speaking, most dog owners already know how important is training! With training, there`s a lot you can change in your dog`s behavior.

So, a smart move would be to train your little fella` not to choose your chest as its “parking spot” every time it feels like it. Instead, you can train your pet to lay on the floor next to you when you are sitting on the couch or whatever.

When it tries to aim your chest and sit on it, tell your dog that isn`t allowed and get it to lay down somewhere close to you.

You might not be able to convince your dog right away. It might take time on your part, but be consistent and patient, and you`ll get there. – Check this out!

The below video offers some techniques that can surely help achieve this:

Negative Reinforcement Training Is to Be Avoided

Also, try to reward your dog when it lies down next to you and it`s well behaved. Rewarding your dog when it tries to sit on your chest may send a wrong signal!

More Attention Is Welcome

Offer your four-legged friend more attention even before it comes to you to “ask” for it.

Any form of training, exercise or game plays throughout the day will automatically mean more attention towards your dog.


So, “why does my dog lay on my chest” isn`t a question that bugs you anymore, we hope!

You may find somehow annoying when your dog is laying on your chest, especially if it`s a big fella`. But remember that this little “show” is nothing more than a gesture of love and affection.

If you`re not happy with your little pal`s behavior, just tell your pooch` “nicely” that you`re not having it!

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